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Ivy Tech Community College Barbara J. Hilton,

RN School of Nursing NRSG 122 Writing Assignment              Name:_____________________________________________Date:________________________   CATEGORY POINTS EARNED 3 points 2 points 1 points 0 points APA Format The cover page, body of paper and reference page follow

American Psychological Association

(APA) format, 6th edition with one or no errors                                    

  Two to three errors, no omissions in format Four to five errors or any omissions in format           Omission of the cover page or reference page, or six or more errors          

Mechanics One or no grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or sentence structure errors                              Two to three errors       

Four to five errors                                 Six errors or more                                 Quality of Information Information must be correct, and attributed to the correct source. Opinions must be stated as such.   One incorrect or omitted citation, or source not correctly identified.   Two incorrect or omitted citations, or source not correctly identified More than two incorrect or omitted citations, or source not correctly identified.  Summary Criteria The following key concepts must be addressed when summarizing the nursing evidence-based practice (EBP) article.  Summary of article to include: 1.  problem identified 2.  list facts related to topic 3.  solution proposed   One to two incomplete categories, no omissions                                 Three incomplete categories, or any one category omitted                                             More than one category omitted                                             Relation to Professional Nursing Practice States personal opinion on how the information will be used in personal practice and the profession of nursing One or two sentences of general use of the information in the article. Restates the authors opinion of information usefulness Omits this section                                                                                                                                                                                         TOTAL POINTS = ____________ COMMENTS: Ivy Tech School of Nursing  Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) Learning Outcomes The student will successfully achieve the following learning outcomes related to writing across the curriculum by the completion of the Ivy Tech Nursing programs: 1.      Develop information literacy skills, including the ability to access, evaluate, interpret, and use information from scholarly databases.   2.      Convey in written format critical thinking skills, including analysis, application, and evaluation.   3.      Develop reflective thinking skills and the ability to synthesize information and ideas in written format.   4.      Demonstrate improved writing skills through draft revisions and consultation with instructors.   5.      Demonstrate the use of writing both as a tool for learning and as a means for communicating about ideas within the nursing profession.   6.      Demonstrate the proper use of APA format.   7.      Understand the consequences of plagiarism.   8.      Demonstrate increased knowledge of course content from simple to complex through written assignments.   Guidelines 1.         The student will select a nursing article addressing evidenced-based practice from a professional publication that is related to NRSG 122 content. Instructor approval is required before beginning your work.  2.         The body of the paper should be 3-4 pages in length.  This excludes the cover page and reference page. 4.         Submitting a first draft is optional but will be helpful to obtain comments for improving the final writing.  If a rough draft is submitted, it must be submitted through IvyLearn by

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