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You are interested in studying whether parental attachment among high school students influences involvement in delinquent behaviors. To examine this relationship, you must create a survey questionnaire consisting of 15 questions. Specifically, five (5) questions must measure parental attachment, five (5) questions must measure delinquent behaviors, and five (5) questions must measure demographics (e.g., age, sex/gender, race/ethnicity, etc.). Make sure all of your questions are closed-ended. Furthermore, please be mindful of questionnaire wording, and be sure to only ask “good questions.” Lastly, create a good introductory spiel to include at the beginning of your survey. After you create your survey, answer the following questions in detail: 1. What steps did you take to ensure that you created “good” worded questions? a. Are sensitive questions an issue? Why or why not? 2. If you were to administer this survey to high school students, what sampling approach (probability or nonprobability) would you use and why? Please be detailed in explaining which specific sampling technique you would use, and how. a. What would be your population of interest? b. Will your sampling technique allow you to generalize back to this population? Why or why not? c. Would sampling error be an issue? Why or why not? 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using closed-ended questions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using open-ended questions? This assignment should be at least 2-2½ full pages in length; typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font, and with normal margins.

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