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Step 1: Prepare 3 Long-Term Objectives that you believe will provide a competitive advantage for hilton.

Be sure to write in SMART form! Step 2: Using the information from your IFE and EFE prepare a SWOT Matrix. Note for this step only use 3 S’s, W’s, O’s, & T’s. It follows, then, that you will have to re-weight them so that the Internal Factors (Strengths and Weaknesses) total 1.0 and the External Factors (Opportunities and Threats) total 1.0! Step 3: Describe 2 strategies you have come up with for each category: SO, ST, WO, WT Step 4: Choose 4 Strategies from the eight you have listed in Step 3 and evaluate them using a QSPM. Please fill out all of your answers in the EXCEL file. Exam 2 HM490 Su20.xlsxPreview the document here is the zoom link to this exam https://psu.zoom.us/rec/play/75x5f-r5qT43GIeV4gSDV_AsW468Lq-s0Ccd_6UKyk68ViVSN1ukMLVEN-PPJmQF_J51gkRWuLAUvK_8

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